Delirios de una mente trastornada


Where art thou that bestow so much
intrigue in my panther heart?
Where will thou open your sorceress lips?

For it’s I
your complete warmness
that now wants to be
the handle and not the key

It’s I
that asks
in silence.
What tasks?
What guidance?
What kills the anguish?

Where art thou
impervious question?

Art thou in the memories
that I feed upon?
Or perhaps in the longing
that wakes in me?

Art thou in this absence,
in the words that you choose
not to speak?
Or could it be that thou
were never here,
and that I was spellbound
by thy cat-eyes?

Where are thou
I shall never know,
but I do know
that it will never be
close to me.



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