Delirios de una mente trastornada

Blinding light

I sat here so close to you,
yet unnoticed, not even invisible
you knew I was here, but choose not to see
I really only wanted for you to call me
and say that the world suck, that you wanted a hug
or a soft kiss
that you felt so alone
but with me loneliness was alright.
That I somehow made you smile
that you wanted to share your life
all that sucky life, that life you didn’t wanted

I only wanted to share the fact that you wanted more,
wanted to disappear with you and be one in the nothingness
take you close to the void inside
the one that pulls me like gravity towards you
I guess  you were lying when you say that I was yours and you were mine,
that you wanted to carry my children…
I guess you wanted me just to feel more alone.



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